Program at a Glance

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Detailed Program

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Invited Talk and Lectures

Honorary Talk on Sunday, 20 October 2019, 17:00~

  • Barrie Johnson, Professor of Banger University/UK
    “The importance of consortia in acidophile microbiology: microbial species and research scientists”

Opening Speech on Monday, 21 October 2019, 9:00~

  • Jochen Petersen, Professor of University of Cape Town/South Africa
    “Development in Biohydrometallurgy Research – What We Know and What We Still Need Know”

Closing Speech on Wednesday, 23 October 2019, 17:45~

  • Anna Kaksonen, Group Leader for Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology in CSIRO Land and Water/Australia
    “Prospective directions for biohydrometallurgy”

Keynote Lecturers

Fundamentals and Applications in Biomineral Processing

  • Susan Harrison, Professor of University of Cape Town/South Africa
    “Mapping the dynamics of the mixed microbial community of iron- and sulfur-oxidisers in relation to process conditions and performance”
  • Tomás Vargas, Professor of University of Chile/Chile
    “Influence of the allotropic form of sulphur on bacterial attachment and biooxidation rate in the presence of A. ferrooxidans.”
  • Frank Roberto, Manager of Newmont Goldcorp Inc./USA
    “Communicating biohydrometallurgical results to metallurgists”
  • Miao Chen, Professor of CSIRO Mineral Resources/Australia
    “Fundamental Study of Uranium Mobility and the Progress of Ground Water Monitoring”

Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry

  • Axel Schippers, Professor of Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources-BGR/Germany
    “Biogeochemistry of metal sulfide dissolution”

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

  • Xueduan Liu, Professor of Central South University/China
    “Biohydrometallurgy and Bioremediation: from Genomics to Industrial Applications”
  • David Holmes, Director of Fundacion Ciencia & Vida and Universidad Mayor/Chile
    “Comparative Genomics Sheds Light on the Evolutionary Mechanisms and Dynamics of Extreme Acidophiles”

Bioremediation, Bio-barriers, Mine Waste, Radionuclides

  • Toshihiko Ohnuki, Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology/Japan
    “Bioaccumulation and Bioremediation of Radionuclides after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident”
  • Naoko Okibe, Associate Professor of Kyushu University/Japan
    “Microbiological removal of arsenic from mining-impacted waters.”

Biomineralization, New Biomaterials

  • Keiko Sasaki, Professor of Kyushu University/Japan
    “Fungally formed Mn oxides and their application to bio-templated Li+ ion sieve”

Bio-recovery of Precious Metals, Fuels and Energy

  • Yasuhiro Konishi, Professor of Osaka Prefecture University/Japan
    “Sustainable use of precious metals through biohydrometallurgical recycling”
  • Elizabeth Watkin, Professor of Curtin University/Australia
    “The Bioleaching of Rare Earth Elements from Phosphate Ores- a New Biotechnological Challenge”